Monday, November 22, 2010

A Conversation With the Guy at Target Concerning My Chemical Romance

Today was the release date for the new My Chemical Romance CD, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Of course I went out on my lunch break and bought it. And very happily danced my way back to work. Yes, I can dance and drive at the same time. I'm special that way. VERY. SPECIAL.

Now, if you clicked that Target link -- and I doubt you did -- you'll see that it says that the CD is available online but not in stores. Since today was the release date, this confused me. And I'd be damned if I'd waste precious minutes of my lunch break on a failed visit to Target. So, I called the store.

I knew I would regret this.

The Target near my work is not a good Target. It's poorly stocked and staffed. I routinely want to slap people in the makeup aisles. But, whatever, it's two seconds away from my work; it's convenient. So, this happened:

Target Guy: Hellothankyouforcallingtargetthisiselectronicshowmayihelpyou.

Me: Hi! Do you have My Chemical Romance's new CD in stock today?

Target Guy: ...What is it called?

Me: Danger Days.

Target Guy: [dubiously] What's the name of the band?

Me: [sigh] My Chemical Romance.

Target Guy: [suspiciously] And what's the name of the CD again?

Me: Danger. Days.

Target Guys: Danger Days...Danger Days...huh. And what genre of music is that?

Me: Rock.

Target Guy: ...Huh. Yeah, we have it. It's $8.99.

Me: Cool! Thanks!


I enjoyed how he clearly had no idea what I was talking about and thought I was just making shit up. Which is not outside the realm of possibility, but not today. Whatever, he probably just has better taste in music than I do. WHATEVER, DON'T JUDGE ME.



EGT said...

CDs are only $8.99 these days?! I'm impressed by that!

Dan Mac said...

Oh snap. "On the off chance that anyone needs a reminder of how desperate and irrelevant '80s hair-metal sounded circa 1990, here it is." The AV Club refers to D- as "the gentleman's F."

Bea said...

@EGT - I KNOW, RIGHT?! I think it was a release day special.

@Dan - Meh. MCR is an easy target and most people take the shot. I have questionable taste is most things. I accept this. ;)

Sorsha Ni said...

It's better than my CVS discussion about my teenage sized...well, you remember. No need to rehash my PTSD.

ENJOY THE CD...people still listen to them? Huh. Curiouser and Curiouser...:>)

Bea said...

@Sorsha - HAHAHAHA. Oh, your CVS trauma...that was TERRIBLE. (But hilarious.)