Monday, May 3, 2010

You Know You're Getting Old When...

As the title of this blog stipulates, I have now officially noticed I am getting older.

  • Is it that I'm in my 9th month of my 2nd pregnancy? No.
  • Is it my impending 8 year wedding anniversary? No.
  • Is it my new 30 year mortgage?

No. It's this:

"Witty, insightful, and full of random allusions to their varied interests, "Two Jersey Girls" is an award-winning blog about everything and nothing. Two twenty-something women write about what's in the news, movies, television, and their lives. An entertaining read, updated regularly, and quoted often."

That's right - the header of this very blog. Notice why I'm old? It needs to be updated. No longer can it read, "Two twenty-something women..." because we're both over 30 now. OVER 30!!
It seems like just yesterday Bea and I decided to start this thing. It was long before Twitter, back when MySpace was the cool networking-site, (back when Bea flat-out refused to use said MySpace), back when I was celebrating my first son's first birthday. It was before the insane move that ended up taking two years, before we had a black president, before we realized just how parallel the war in the Middle East is with the Vietnam "Conflict." So much has changed. I wonder where we'll be when I have to change the header to "Two forty-something women..."
Hang on...I'm getting dizzy...


Doug Jeffreys said...

Wow! 30-something. Guess you better order your aluminum walker.

Auntie Mame said...

F that noise. I'm getting a wheelchair and making people push me around in it now.

Bea said...

We are old, my love. *sigh*