Friday, July 3, 2009

Marry, Cliff, Shag -- The "Star Trek" Edition

Ok, you guys, I just saw Star Trek for the second time. Whatever, I'm a geek, this isn't exactly news. But goddamn is everyone hot in that movie! So, let's play another rousing edition of Marry, Cliff, Shag. All of these choices are, of course, the incarnations from the new movie. (If there's interest, we can, of course, do a round from the original series. Or The Next Generation. Seriously, this game. It just keeps on giving!) Aaaaaand...GO!

Round One: James T. Kirk, Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, Hikaru Sulu

Round Two: Spock, Leonard "Bones" McCoy, George Kirk (Jim's hot, self-sacrificing dad)

Round Three (For the straight gentlemen and any secret lesbian readers we may have. Also, welcome!): Uhura, her green roomate Gaila, James T. Kirk* (Whatever, everyone should get a shot at Kirk!)

*Clearly, not enough women in Star Trek. If you can't even have a respectable straight guy/lesbian round of Marry, Cliff, Shag, more female characters are needed. Get on that, JJ. You can do better.


Volstaag said...

Marry Uhura: She's way Hot, so the honeymoon would be awesome and then she goes away for 5 years so I could party with all kinds of chicks. Shag Gaila: let's face it she's sexy and promiscuious so that's about all she's good for and Cliff Amanda Greyson (Spock's Mom): because clearly this is her destiny.

Sorsha Ni said...

Round One: Shag Kirk (the slut has to be good!), Marry "Scotty" (hello! He's the transporter creator!), Kill Sulu (his voice would drive me nuts)!

Round Two: Marry Spock (I have a thing for smart men), Bone "Bones" McCoy (he's so angry all the time he must be a good lay!), Kill George Kirk (just because).

Round Three: Marry Uhura (she's motherly), Shag Gaila (how often do you get to bang a green chick?), Kill Kirk (I shagged Kirk in round one, so I need variety!)