Thursday, May 28, 2009

So I've Decided

OK, because I'm currently babysitting 13 year-olds I've been doing a lot of self-reflection and I've come to the painful conclusion that I have no life. I really don't. To demonstrate:
  1. Alarm goes off at 6:15
  2. Get out of bed at 7
  3. Dressed, prep and in the car by 7:15
  4. Drive to work that should take 20 minutes takes about 30-40 because of traffic.
  5. The traffic is where I do my hair and makeup - yeah I'm THAT girl.
GOD HELP the person who disrupts my morning routine. God Lord. It happened once when my neighbor stopped by because she saw me getting into my car and no one has heard from her since. Even I don't remember what happened to her.
  1. Work by 7:50 or such, wherein I eat breakfast and begin to rant about the day ahead with my fellow teachers.
  2. 8:15-3:30 I should be teaching, but lately we aren't able because testing is over and therefore we are just overseeing the kids while they pretty much go crazy. During this time I play on the computer.
  3. 3:30-4ish is mostly a blur because I've zoned out to the drive home. Then I pick up Glow Bug, listen to the iPod for the rest of the drive, and talk with him about his day.
  4. Whenever we get home, Glow Bug either A) strips down to only his pants and runs around outside or B) watches TV. During this time I go upstairs and nap.
  5. The rest of the night is spent in front of the TV or on the laptop, with maybe a sprinkling of cleaning/housework thrown in. Before bed I prep my morning so I can get the maximum amount of sleep in the morning as humanly possible.
See y'all, I sleep way too much! My whole routine is dictated by the fact that I want to sleep in in the morning.

Yuck, seeing it all typed out like that annoys me. I want to be the girl who meditates (we have so much beautiful land where we live) when she gets home, and works out in the morning, and is talented at something other than applying the perfect liquid line during stop and go traffic. Although, let's be honest that is a talent. I should be on that show. Oh well, this rant was brought to you by the fact that it is 9 AM and I'm sitting in front of the computer because the students are writing newspapers (see above schedule). *sigh*


EGT said...

Heh. Everybody's life looks like that written out! These people who have interesting lives exist in myths! If you write my routine out, it's:

7:00 Alarm goes off.
7:45 Get out of bed.
8:00 Leave for work.
8:30 Arrive at work.
{stuff happens in here; I'm not sure what}
6:30 Leave work.
7:00 Arrive home, take shower.
7:30 Eat dinner.
8:00-11:00 Watch TV.

What I love is that I'm just like you! I set my alarm and then lay in bed for 45 minutes! Why do we this crazy thing?!

Sorsha Ni said...

I feel you! (figuratively, of course)

MY last 10 months of hell...
5a-7a: school work, shower & bagel
7a-8a: drive to job #1
8a-12p: job #1
12-1p: drive to job #2 & scarf lunch
1p-9:30p: job #2
9:30-10p: drive home
10:30p-12a: clean up & school work
12a: collapse (notice no dinner?!)
Weekends: Sat-job #1 10-12hrs
Sun-clean house & whine

Last 3 weeks with no more school and off from job #1...
6a-8a: wake up and lay in bed w/bagel
8a-11:30a: read, play on internet, a few chores, catch up on TV/movies on On Demand.
11:30a-12:15p: lunch
12:30-1p: drive to job #2
1-9:30p: job #2 and dinner most nights
9:30-10p: drive home
10:30p-12a: clean up then lay in bed with book, laptop or chill with SparBa.
Weekends: WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT TO DO! And clean house, too.

Hmmm...boy my life has improved since graduating!

Volstaag said...

I also used to teach kids (6-13 years old). I had it much better. I was teaching Martial Arts. If the kids misbehaved I was allowed to beat them with a stick or make them do calisthenics till they puked. Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!