Saturday, January 3, 2009

DVDs What I Got For Christmas And Other Assorted Items

So, delightfully, I received many awesome DVDs as Christmas gifts. I have a rockin' Amazon Wishlist with so many divergent items on it that a friend of mine deemed it "schizophrenic." Heh.

  • The Dark Knight; I might have the teeniest obsession with this movie. It had the audacity to come out on DVD in December. Grr! I don't buy DVDs, CDs or books during November or December because you know, it's the holidays. But I did make the pronouncement that if I did not get The Dark Knight for Christmas that I would buy it on December 26th. But yay! My brother BW got it for me! He got me the super-duper, extra-chocolaty, 2-disc edition. Um. The extras suck! They suck! No commentary! No deleted scenes! In fact, no interviews with the actors at all! I mean, I respect the filmmakers not wanting to like, exploit Heath Ledger's miserably tragic death but come on. It's a glaring omission not to talk to ANY of the very fine actors in this film. There is one interesting little featurette about composing the music in the film, particularly the Joker's theme. That said, the movie is still AWESOME and I've watched it at least six times since I got it. Hi, I'm a geek, have we met?
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas; Also from BW, it's the 2-disc special edition! I haven't watched it yet, because I'm watching The Dark Knight over and over, but I will! Soon! I love this movie! Love the songs! Love Jack the Pumpkin King! Love Sally the Rag Doll! In fact, the next time I go to a costume party, I'm totally dressing up as her. I'd make an excellent Sally, I think...
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie; My gift from Mame! This is our favorite show and one of our very favorite movies. We (and our dysfunctional little group of friends) used to quote it incessantly. Every time I sign for a package, in my head I say, "Wiiiilt Chaaamberlin."
  • Mad Men, season 1; We do a gift exchange for our extended family and my Pap had my name this year and this is what he got me! Awesome! Now I can finish watching and BW doesn't have to wait for my slow ass to get it from Netflix. Jon Hamm RULES.
  • Empire Records; I love this movie! It's one of the few movies I can tolerate Renee Zellwegger in! (The other two are Chicago and Cold Mountain) It has a great soundtrack and it's really funny. Stupid-funny but that's my kind of humor. I know it's not great, but it holds good memories for me and it's lots of fun. Besides, how can a movie go wrong when it brought us Rex Manning Day?
  • Panic At The Disco: Live in Chicago DVD/CD: Oh, shut up. Technically, I bought this for myself but I paid for it with a Barnes and Noble gift card given to me by my stepsister, so yeah. Whatever, I like Panic At The Disco, it's not a crime.
I also got the third book in the Lenore comic series and I got my mom the Sookie Stackhouse series, the books on which the HBO show True Blood that we LOVED is based. Since I'd already read the first book, she's letting me zip through the series while she reads book one. Heh, I'm already on book five. I never said I wasn't self-serving, ok? It's a pretty great series and I highly recommend it. Also, my mom is cooler than yours. It's time you accepted it. Sorry!

What did you get for [insert appropriate winter holiday here]?

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Dr. Fabulous said...

Nothing super exciting. O.A.R.'s latest, as well as Thriving Ivory's latest. Then I bought myself Lady Gaga, but you will Gag if you listen to it, so don't even investigate. I have a mindless love of mindless club music. It's me. :) When are you coming east again? I miss you!