Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Phase III - Getting Ready

I got a job! Hallelujah ~ I got a job!! The town/school shares its name with a major weather disaster (West Virginia has: Tornado, Hurricane, Flood, etc.), but the school itself is adorable! I'll be teaching middle school for the first time; the students are either on grade level reading-wise or above, and it's the town that my late grandmother-in-law helped to develop so my name is very well known in the area. I'm looking forward to being pleasantly at ease for the first time ever at the start of the school year.

However, I have had this conversation with Bea:
Bea: How are you going to adjust going from an inner-city high school to a small town, middle school?
Me: Easily! I am so excited.
Bea: Or...
Me: Or I'll end up pinning some kid to the wall by October going, "Call me Bitch dammit!!"

So, it could go either way.

We have also found a school/daycare for Glow Bug. He is quickly becoming the outdoors man. He goes for walks with Duke by the river (or 'moat' as I call it), he's learning how to chase grasshoppers with the four-year old across the street, he prefers to pee outside, and has learned to outsmart Dame's mother to open the doors and get outside when she isn't looking. It will be good for him to get back to school and into a routine. As a mom, I am terrified for him to be the "new kid" although 2.5 year-olds generally get used to each other quickly. In my head I know that I've met his new teacher and she's adorable, I know that he is verbal and will tell us of any problems, and I know there won't be any. In my heart I see my little boy sad that we've dropped him off somewhere that he isn't used to, and not knowing anyone. I guess my worry makes me a good mother. Or an obsessive mother, either way.

I've forgotten how much I love the stillness here. It was one of the things I loved more than anything about going to college in West Virginia: at night, even during a crazy party, there was a stillness to the sky and world around you that I just can't describe. I love it here.

Again (partially because it worked last time), in honor of The Secret:


"Lady" Bea said...

I vote for the 2nd one.

Also: You are AWESOME.

Two of Hearts said...

LOL you know if you just need someone to call you bitch occasionally I'm sure Bea and I could oblige...

You rock!

Anonymous said...

Great, congrats! I am looking forward to small town middle school anecdotes.

Bea's mom