Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Short Play Re: iPods and Their Headphones

Dramatis Personae: Bea, Bea's Mom, Frank the iPod

[Bea blathers on about her iPod and music on it and playlists, pretty much as per usual. Bea's Mom is turning the headphones over in her hand.]

Bea's Mom: I didn't realize until YESTERDAY, that the headphones have a little "L" and an "R" on them. [laughs] Duh!

Bea: [blinks.]

Bea's Mom: You know, for left and right. [Bea is still blinking at her.] FOR WHICH EAR TO PUT THEM IN?

Bea: Um, they do? [looks at headphones.] OH! They do! Is that why sometimes I can't hear very well and then I freak out and worry that I'm going deaf? OH! Good! I'm just STUPID! What a relief!

Bea's Mom: [shakes head.]


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