Friday, January 4, 2008

Television - Teacher, Mother, Secret Lover...

Does anyone care to tell me what the big deal is about the television show Medium? I just...don't get it. I've watched a few episodes including the OH MY GOD IT'S 3-D!!111! one and it's...FINE. It's just not AWESOME. I like Patricia Arquette, actually. Her performance in Lost Highway was AMAZING. And she was great in A Nightmare on Elm St. 3! Really! And I LOVE Jake Weber. Ever since American Gothic. And especially when he was the quiet, unassuming but ASS-KICKING in a crisis guy in Dawn of the Dead. That's really what I look for in a man, fictional or non. One who can defend me in a zombie attack. That's not weird, is it? Never mind, don't tell me.


Back to Medium. Isn't it like, one of the highest rated shows on tv or whatever? Really? Again, um, why? I'm just carrying on because I'm seeing ads for the new season that NBC has apparently been stockpiling while watching Friday Night Lights and am befuddled.


Landry from Friday Night Lights? DUDE. You are on notice! You are NOT entitled to ANYTHING from Tyra. NO. Yes, I know, you killed that guy who was trying to rape her. And you two were all film noir and tossed the body off of a bridge and swore never to speak of it and then you two wouldn't SHUT UP ABOUT IT and then you confessed and acted a fool some more and then they didn't press charges because you are doe-eyed and a cop's son, but WHATEVER. If Tyra doesn't want to date you after all that? Whether it's because you remind her of the trauma, because she isn't ready for a serious relationship, is afraid of her feelings for you (whatever.) or because she just doesn't like you That Way? SHE DOESN'T HAVE TO! You do NOT get to slut-shame her into it! And act like she is somehow a horrible person because she doesn't want make out with you in the hallways. FUCKING MALE ENTITLEMENT. GAH. Um, writers of Friday Night Lights? I REALLY hope that I am not supposed to find this behavior of Landry's romantic or sweet or even remotely appropriate. It's NOT. It's paternalistic and icky and gross. Especially! ESPECIALLY! When Landry should be the FIRST person who listens when Tyra says no. GAH. When Tim Freakin' Riggins is looking like Gentleman of the Year next to you? DIAL IT DOWN.*

Wow. That got away from me, a little bit. Wonder what brought that on... Sorry, people who read this blog and don't watch Friday Night Lights. (which is most of you, I think.) Or don't enjoy semi-hysterical screeds. Wait. If you don't enjoy those, why do you read my blog or even talk to me? HA!

*Pssst...yes, I know I just posted a furious rant at a fictional character. I'M AWARE. It just MADE ME ANGRY. BEA SMASH! Heheh.

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