Monday, January 7, 2008

Ok, SERIOUSLY? I'm Apparently Twelve Years Old. Possibly Thirteen.

Ok, so I do this thing where I reallyreallyreally like something and I go on and on about it and drive everyone (including myself) INSANE over it and then it just kind of...fades out. I still like whatever it is, it just doesn't occupy the main stage of my brain anymore. Currently on the main stage of my brain? MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. Seriously, you guys. I kind of hate myself right now. But, I just. REALLY LOVE THEIR MUSIC. (And also, I'm seriously late to the party because they've been around for awhile. Whatever.) I'm REALLY hoping that this one doesn't last long...

This weekend I went out and bought their latest cd, The Black Parade, because I'd heard bits of it and liked it. I'm forever buying new music because I have a really short attention span (obviously) and like to have variety. You guys! It is SO great! Today at lunch, I ran to Target and bought the previous cd, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, which I gave only a cursory listen because I wasn't ready to take my claws out of The Black Parade yet. I have pretty broad taste in music, but occasionally, I just like shit to rock. IS THAT SO WRONG?! I had to drive over to our other office for work today and just ROCKED OUT the whole way there and back with the volume WAY up. Which I don't usually do, because I don't like really loud music. I know, I'm old. My favorite songs: "This is How I Disappear," "The Sharpest Lives," "Welcome to the Black Parade," "I Don't Love You," "Teenagers" and "Famous Last Words." But all the other ones are great too. The dirty guitar riff in "Famous Last Words" makes me smile every time. And as I was listening to "The Sharpest Lives," I kept thinking, "Huh, this sounds like something else, it reminds me of something..." and then I realized. It sounds like a Queensryche song! AAAHH! Queensryche was my FAVORITE metal band for pretty much ALL of my teen years. I DEFY you to find me a more perfect album than Operation: Mindcrime. I won't hear any argument against it. Seriously.

I haven't been this nutty over a band since I discovered Snow Patrol and bought two of THEIR cds in about 48 hours. But. I didn't care about anyone who was actually IN Snow Patrol. If pressed, I might be able to come up with the name of their lead singer. (Um, Gary Lightfoot? Or something like that?) But, oh, My Chemical Romance. I have SUCH a crush on your guitarist, Frank Iero. He's adorable! He occasionally wears tiaras! He's one of those guitar players who flings himself about on stage! He has stupid hair! The whole band does! They're all very cute and odd-looking!

And, DUDE. Have you SEEN their videos? They are SO ridiculous! With FIRE and things BLOWING UP and GOTH ballet dancers and CORPSES! AHAHAH! They are very earnest! They want to SAVE THE WORLD with Rock and/or Roll!

I went on and on in this vein to EGT over IM the other night until she DEMANDED that I give her Mame's telephone number so that they could stage an intervention. HA! I didn't give it to her! Although...that WOULD be a great episode, wouldn't it?


It's only a matter of time before I'm shopping at Hot Topic, isn't it? I'm not proud of myself right now...heh.


EGT said...

But you really, really do need an intervention. Really.

"Lady" Bea said...

No, I don't! I can stop whenever I want! I just don't WANT to! I'm going to get an "I Love Gerard Way" tshirt!!11!!

(No, I'm not. Really.)