Thursday, July 19, 2007

Week Two: Or how I haven't managed to eat my feelings all week...

I weighed in today (it's been two weeks) and I haven't lost anything. I guess it's a good thing I haven't gained since Joan (my mother) was in all week and I'm PMSing. When people stay at my hut I can't do my exercises because the guest room also serves as my workout space, scrapbook nook, and entrance to the attic; hence why my home is referred to as the hut rather than the house. Also, in an effort to thwart Joan and my having any "down time" wherein classic Crawford-esque fights occur, we spent a lot of time baking. I got some adorable pics of Joan and Glow Bug licking the beaters from chocolate chip cookies and sneaking tastes of banana-walnut-chocolate chip bread. The fact that I didn't manage to gain about twenty pounds from this visit alone, is a miracle.
As for the PMS thing. I usually don't like to talk about such things, but I'm learning. I must digress here and tell you about this: I work with this amazing teacher "Vivi" who has learned to love herself and everything around her now that she is in her sixties. She is becoming like an icon to me; she keeps telling me to not wait to love my life and myself like she did. She's so supportive of everyone and everything that just being around her makes anyone happy. She says that her secret is to love herself more than anyone else. I guess I'm starting to learn because I realized through her that I deserve to treat my body better than I have been and to shed some pounds. OK, back to my original story: the PMS thing.
I get these migraines, really fucking bad ones. I also get headaches, usually about one every other day. I take a lot of ibuprofen and kind of live with it. I'm getting surgery in December to correct a lot of the problems that cause the headaches, but that is another story. Anyway in an effort to end the big migraines I was on Birth Control for awhile the kind that you take for three straight months before you get your period. If you are ever offered this, take my advice and don't. It's just not worth it. Your hormones get all fucked up, you can't afford the amount of feminine products you will need after those three months, and (seriously this happens almost 97% of the time) you will end up getting a kind of period anyway and sometimes it may look like a lump of tissue that you might get confused with a miscarriage. These (and more) happened to me and when I called my OB-GYN about the last thing she assured me that it was just tissue, but that it is a common side effect and it even happened to her. It's not worth it.
After all this, I still haven't managed to eat my feelings and gain a ton of weight. I hope that next week I'll be able to see some loss. More later folks!

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Bea's mom said...

I am really glad to hear that Joan has left the state without bloodshed (and no weight gain). That is some sage advice from your co-worker. Love yourself-you're awesome!