Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Goodbye, Squiggy...

OK, I'll admit it: I have never been, 'skinny;' my body is built large and curvaceous (thanks to some good old Celtic genes), but I have been slender. I used to worry about never being a size 6, or not being able to see my ribs when I sucked in my stomach. Now I realize and appreciate my shape: I popped an eight pound baby out in 20 minutes!
Still, since Glow Bug was born, I haven't really taken the best care of myself. Well, if I'm being honest let me just say that I haven't taken care of myself since about 2000. See up to the millennium I had been very slender, Bea has the pictures to prove it), but in 2000 the medical powers that be thought that I had a type of Crone's disease and quickly put me on steroids to counteract the dramatic weight loss that is a symptom of the disease. Two months and forty pounds later - oh, it's not Crone's! Sorry! So the steroids were gone but the forty pounds stayed - right around my belly button: it's a spare tire I call "Squiggy."
Then Glow Bug came into existence, and I gained another 15. What are we up to now? 55? Grrreat. So now I'm a new mom with an extra 55 pounds on her. Well that's depressing so I eat my feelings. Low and behold I am now about 70 pounds above where I want to be. I can almost hear the slender girl in me screaming (although quietly as she is being muffled by Squiggy and the sound of coffee cake being digested). I've decided that the time has come to say goodbye to Squiggy and my friends 'Bagel' and 'Cheeseburger' (it was an emotional goodbye for the latter two, I must say).
The problem is: I'm not too sure how to go about doing this. I get the whole, "eat less, move more" deal and I do it. Hell, ponytail-man Tony Little and Pilate's-guru-to-the-stars Mari Windsor and I see each other every night for 40 minutes. I've stopped eating out entirely, and I've switched everything that might contain carbohydrates in my kitchen to whole grain. The problem is that we aren't just talking about 10-20 pounds here, we're talking 70!! That's the weight of the average third grader!!
I'm doing my best, but my friends cheese dip and mint chocolate chip ice cream are calling loudly.

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Tifffany said...

Hi Mame,

I'm Bea's friend (as she can attest) and I found myself in the same place as you (tho w/o child). I lost a ton of weight without any special diets or anything. I faithfully did 30 minutes of exercise bike every day 7 days a week for a year. AND i counted calories like nobody's business. I can't tell myself "no cake" so I just count and count and if I eat cake I get less of something else. I also ate/eat a lot of frozen meals, which helped me determine correct portions. I was starving the first couple weeks but after awhile my stomach got used to smaller amounts, which let me use my calories on some "fun" stuff. And when I was hungry I would drink instead of eat (not alcohol, sadly)... and brush my teeth after dinner... stupid stuff like that. Nowadays I am not really striving to lose, just be healthy in general so I try to eat more fruit and veggies and a good balance. Good luck!