Saturday, June 9, 2007

Um. I'll take the hose? I guess?

So, I spent the evening hanging out with my brother, BW and watching The Silence of the Lambs. With anyone else, I can appreciate this movie for the smart, creepy thriller that it is. But due to my brother's DEAD ON Buffalo Bill impression, we watch the damn thing and giggle like it's a Will Farrell movie. So, as we crack up at lines about "putting the lotion on it's skin" and "Was she a great big fat person," I was reminded of an even MORE amusing viewing of this movie...

Go back to the summer 1992? When BW and I were kids, we spent a month of every summer with our grandparents. One evening, we were hanging out with my grandmother's sister, Aunt May and getting ready to watch a movie. I'm combing through her video collection (Yes, videos. Remember the part about it being 1992?) and she's got the usual movies you'd expect one's great aunt to have: Fried Green Tomatoes, Beaches, Steel Magnolias, in fact, a lot from the Julia Roberts oeuvre and lots of classic films. And then, buried on the shelf, I find...The Silence of the Lambs, still in it's wrapper. I almost choke. BW and I had seen the movie before and it both scared the crap out of and totally scandalized us. I can't imagine what my sweet Aunt May is doing with it. Then, this happens:

Me: Um. Aunt May? The Silence of the Lambs? Have you seen this one?
Aunt May: No, not yet. I just got it!
Me: Um. Why?
Aunt May: Well, it won all those Academy Awards! It's supposed to be good, isn't it?
Me: Um. Yeah. Do you know what it's about?
Aunt May: No. Is it about farming?
Me: Ok, we'll be watching this one tonight...

Hee. It was fun. There's nothing like watching a movie about serial murder, cannibals and transsexualism with your elders. Grandma and Aunt May were totally wigged out. But, they recognize quality, so they liked it too. And there's nothing quite like having your grandmother threaten to cook you for dinner if you don't make your bed or if you won't go upstairs and COMB THAT HAIR, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!! Which she did. Frequently. Fun times!


Bea's mom said...

I am hoping this blog is not a forum to call attention to our "unique" family. Of course I guess you might have to make up stuff if Mame doesn't start doing some posts. Maybe since school's out she will have more time. It seems years since her "celebrity boyfriend" rant :(

Lady Bea said...

Yeah, "unique." That's a...delicate way of putting it! Heheheheh. And I will never have to make shit up if I want to tell funny family stories...the truth is much wackier!