Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I finally saw an episode of “The Sopranos.” I realize that I am a little ‘behind on the times’ (what else is new?), but I figured that since it is going off the air and I’ve already paid for HBO (see the entry Rome) why not?
It sucked. A lot. Aside from the few chuckles I had at the stereotypes of my beloved New Jersians, the writing was bad and the plot was more transparent than my kitchen windows that have been painted over and I can’t open.
Here’s the thing: I don’t want to be that girl that analyzes shows and points out plot holes and cyclical writing (I don’t have to, I’ve got Bea for that), but it was way too easy this time. For a show that has been on hiatus for, what, two years now? and has won about thirty Emmys, I had high expectations. But when one of the characters talks about never doing a hit even though his father was so terrific at it, and talks about being afraid to now because of DNA evidence then he is asked to do a hit – you kind of see where things are going. Especially when the talk about DNA evidence is predicated by a lengthy pause by the two characters as they both ponder what DNA evidence will ultimately do to their ‘work.’ I was gritting my teeth, waiting for a big and unexpected ‘twist’ during the last five minutes that would show me justification for those highly paid writers and their Emmys. However I was let down worse then when I found a box of my baby teeth in my mom’s jewelry box telling me there was no tooth fairy. In the end, the guy who has never done a hit, does and before dying, the victim grabs his shirt and dies with a piece of it clenched in his hand. The killer gets upset and runs off, dropping the gun on his way. How sad. Whatever.
Cut to Tony Soprano watching old family movies of he and his sister running through those same paved streets that my sister, Dolly, and I ran through. I wanted to get all nostalgic, but I notice that all the cars have yellow and black license plates. Funny, from the fifties until the late eighties, all New Jersey license plates were blue with white lettering. Way to do some freakin’ research.
I’m not complaining. Silly things like this I can overlook on TV shows shown on the WB, or UPN that get a budget comparable to my gross yearly income, but when a show’s actors and writers get more money than our national deficit, I expect perfection and intrigue. Silly me.
On a happier note, the Easter vaca to the aforementioned New Jersey was excellent. I brought Glow Worm around to meet Bea’s mother and step-dad and Brother WDWMTTAHOMB which was funny and adorable despite the conversation about Johnson & Johnson’s Night Time Touch Gel (hehehe). I came back to North Crack-O-Lacky with more Bayard’s Chocolates than I can handle (but I sure will try!), sweet memories of my L&M Bakery Easter cakes, and fried chicken with the family.Gots to go now, loves. Enjoy the rant.

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Lady Bea said...

Great post, Mame. I am SO over "The Sopranos." You recall my "Hubris, FUCKING HUBRIS" speech. This is my favorite post of yours, I think. Aaaaaawesome.