Monday, February 19, 2007

FITA PROJECT part deux

Lemme explain the goings on that occurred immediately after the last post (entitled FITA PROJECT):
Bea and I were talking on the phone (as we are almost all the time), whilst I was posting the aforementioned blog. Once up, Bea quickly linked to it and laughed, remembering when we had first written the (now famous) opening scene. We were giggling like two school girls when my hubby says, "Surely you two can't be the only one who are obsessed with this book, you should link the blog to some of the funnier fan-fiction sites."
Unfortunately, this leads Bea and I right into the middle of the crazy, lonely world of Flowers in the Attic Fan-Forest (think more Hansel and Gretel the naughty, Germans than Wizard of Oz and the happy yellow-brick road), wherein we find over 2,000 hits with the words "Flowers. attic. Andrews." It's hilarious.
Some of the sites are beautiful and the creators have obviously spent quite a bit of time on them, and some are can be no more explained than the inane ramblings of a thirteen year old girl; unfortunately, more times than not, the creators aren't 13, but somewhere around 30.
Bea and I sat on the phone for over ninety minutes signing petitions to get a new movie/miniseries of Flowers in the Attic produced, to get the ghost-writer of the now-dead VC Andrews fired, and joined groups on myspace specifically designed for fans of FITA.
All in all, it was a good night.

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