Monday, December 11, 2006

I have an astronomical discovery for you. The man in the moon is a bitch.

Welcome to my post dears. I am to be known as 'Auntie Mame' but you can call me Mame for short. My darling BFF 'Bea' and I started this after discovering that our lives were far to extraordinary for only us to enjoy.

I would like to start out by letting you all know that Bea and I are crazy. In the fun way, not in the 'they hear voices' way; although we have, at times, been known to hear voices. Seriously, take for example the following:
  • I yell openly at Bea for things she did in my dreams.
  • Bea once jumped from my moving car because she was "afraid it would catch fire."
  • Some of the most memorable moments of our Teenage years are set in Arby's.
Anywho...I've known Bea for years, it's a matter of quite some argument exactly how long but for the sake of the blog, we'll say thirteen years. We've been through everything together; from "rape-o" the fishing wire, backseat rapist to "Ted" our own Department of Homeland Security officer who listens in on our extensive phone conversations.

Bea and I have everything in common and nothing at all. I'm married with a one year old, Bea is single, Bea is FAR more intellectual than I and can recall facts from any book, TV show, or movie she's ever encountered. I, on the other hand, forget almost everything that comes in front of me making for very interesting conversations between the two of us. We both love Journey, we both hate the creepy hand grabber thing from Adobe Acrobat. We both never really dealt with religion in our teens, yet we both went to private, religious-based colleges. We both have an unhealthy obsession with VC Andrews novels (the old, early eighties ones), Lifetime TV movies, and BBC America. We both like groups with the word "Queen" in their names, Eddie Izzard, and spending way too much time browsing Wikipedia. We both hate the mall, most people who graduated in our respective high school classes, Rush Limbaugh, and people who can't use standard grammar or spelling in every day use.

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