Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I was just now wondering if there was anything that could actually push my headache into a full-blown migraine...and there you are!

[Also written by Bea. Hee, we're dumb.]

Yeah, so, I have allergies. I don't know exactly what I'm allergic to, but apparently it's something that occurs frequently and in great quantities in my everyday environment. No really, it's fun. These allergies cause itchy eyes, really bad sinus headaches and whininess. Sorry about the whininess. There isn't an over-the-counter remedy for that. But you know what works well on these headaches? Advil Cold & Sinus. Works like a damn charm most of the time. BUT. Apparently, you can use something in this particular medication to make some kind of trashy drug. Meth, I guess. I'm a little unsure about this because my knowledge of drug use is pretty much limited to episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter (Shut up! That show is awesome! Leland 4-eva!) and Intervention. Maybe with a side of Law & Order. So, as you can see, I'm very informed.

So, I roll up to the local drug store, prepared to do battle. And I'm not at my best here. I HAVE A HEADACHE. A nasty one that's been brewing aaaaall day. This happens everytime. I always run out of this stuff because I hate buying it. And because I'm half-convinced that everytime I DO buy it, I go on some super-secret watch list. (Paranoia, one of my more "charming" qualities!) I head back to the pharmacy counter, because I have to buy my OVER-THE-COUNTER medication from BEHIND the counter. I have to show my driver's license. The nice lady behind the counter has to type in all kinds of information about me, write about me in a book. It takes a pretty long time. A line starts up behind me. A line always starts up behind me, surely full of people wondering what the hell I'm up to. It doesn't SOUND like a big deal and in the grand scheme of things, it's not. BUT DAMN IT'S TIRING. AND STUPID. My head still hurts. And does it really prevent anyone from doing something with this medication that they're not supposed to? Whatever.

In a lightning change of subject. I am so SICK of hearing about Ugly Betty. I'm NOT going to watch Ugly Betty. I couldn't possibly care less about the fashion industry. No, really. Not even if I really tried. I also can't stand comedy that is based on the main character being embarassed a whole bunch of times. I just...can't. And I could be wrong, but Ugly Betty just seems like that kind of show. Maybe I'm missing out. Who knows. (I do love America Ferrara. She rules. I cry EVERYTIME I watch that scene in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants where she's on the phone with her dad. I'm a giant baby and she acts the hell out of it.) I watch the OTHER overly-hyped new show of the season, Heroes. I'm cool with that, thanks.

P.S. Mame, the title of this post is for you. FOR. YOU. It's AAAAAAAALLLL FOOORRR YYYOOOUUU! Heh.

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