Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Moving: A Timeline

I wish I had time today to write the lengthy article, in the great detail needed, to explain how the move from my in-laws to my own condo went. Alas, I do not have the time to write such an article today, nor may I ever because its content would be both histrionic and loquacious. So, gentle readers I present to you a timeline of events:
  1. Thursday: Joan arrives to help with the move. I stay at the hotel that night just to get away because I've been stressed about packing and moving. We have fun; there is an indoor pool and a terrific continental breakfast. Beau and his friend, Spider, have a fit moving and putting together Glowbug's massive new bed.
  2. Friday: I take the day off work so Joan and I can get some errands done before the big move. Beau rents a moving van, and he and Spider move what little furniture we have at the in laws into the van. Glowbug stays with Joan overnight at the hotel, I stay with Beau.
  3. Saturday (morning): Everyone at storage (except Joan who keeps Glowbug at the hotel so he's not in the way). I start to help pull boxes out of the storage and within fifteen minutes I'm in the bushes throwing up. During this time, Lord and Lady discover that a family of field mice have been living in our storage unit. Also, at some point there was a massive leak and most of our furniture and anything not in hard plastic is molded.
  4. Saturday (mid morning): At the new house, we pull everything off the moving van and lay it in our new yard where we pour bleach on mattresses, couches, etc. and wipe down everything else. Once things are dry and clean we move them into the house. Not much is destroyed by the holes the mice chewed into things, but everything has mouse poop in it. Joan is concerned about toxoplasmosis, the fact that I haven't eaten anything that has stayed down, and now I'm getting this weird cramp in my right side. Joan, Glowbug, and myself, go to a restaurant for lunch and then to the mattress store to buy (very) expensive mattress covers and a new mattress for Glowbug.
  5. Saturday (night): Furniture is set up and we're starting to unpack. The new place is smaller and older than our previously owned home, but it's cozy and we're (very) slowly finding a place for everything. There is an attic, so we can put tons of stuff that we don't need immediately up there.
  6. Sunday (3AM) I wake up to go the bathroom and fear that I'm having a nightmare. Every where I turn I hear scratching, scraping, and weird noises. I start to panic. Wait, no need. We have a squirrel's nest in our attic. Great.
  7. Sunday: Nothing too big to report, we clean and unpack, Spider comes over and hooks up my washer and dryer and I get started on the insane amount of laundry that needs to be done. The TVs are hooked up and I'm so happy to finally have my favorite channels back: Comedy Central, Bravo, Food Network.
  8. Monday: I can leave almost a full half hour later for work and still get there early! Beau and Glowbug are adorable, helping each other get ready as I leave. I spend the day at work thinking about the big meal I'm going to cook at my own house. I create a "To Do" list of things left to be done, and am actually excited to get cracking on it. I pick up Glowbug from daycare and he's so happy to be at the 'new house' because there are some neighbor kids just his age and they can run around the courtyard without me hovering.
  9. Monday 4PM: I begin laundry, and the washer isn't working. I go to the faucet and there is nothing happening. I call Lord (who is technically the landlord of the house) and ask him if he had some people over to work on the toilet that wasn't working properly. "Nope" he tells me, then has to go because Beau is beeping in. Turns out Lord forgot to have the water switched to his name so when the sale of the house went through the water company they turned it off. The water company closes at 4:30 and there isn't anything we can do until Tuesday. Lord says, "Oops! Sorry guys!" and we pack up an overnight bag and stay at their house again. Glowbug is soooo confused because he thinks we're going to live there again. The weird pain in my right side comes back.

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"Lady" Bea said...

EW...mice and mold! I'm so sorry! But you survived and you're moved AND YOU HAVE COMEDY CENTRAL BACK! Which is rather like saying that you're breathing again!