Sunday, January 25, 2009

B-List Celebrities on Vh1, Part One

First off, this is our 200th post - WOO HOO!!
Secondly, I love Celebrity Rehab. Seriously, this is the best show ever. I first got addicted during the writer's strike when there was nothing else on TV. It was the series premiere of the show and Bea and I watched it together via the Internets. Between Daniel Baldwin and Brigit Neilson, I thought that there was nothing better. THEN they started the second season and threw in Gary fucking Busey. GARY BUSEY!! AND they've added another show "Celebrity Rehab: Sober Living" where the B-list celebrities leave the treatment center and enter the 'real world.'
The show comes on Sundays on Vh1 and I demand that you watch it.

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Volstaag said...

Happy 200th! Woo Hoo!