Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's HALLOWEEN! Where Are My Scary Movies?!

CABLE CHANNELS! I have a bone to pick with you! It's a holiday weekend and I scanned the channels and there are almost NO horror movies on! WHAT THE HELL!? And the ones that ARE on are shitty! And not the fun level of shitty that makes them entertaining, like The Covenant or any movie made for the Sci Fi channel. Like the crappy kind that are no fun to watch like, Final Destination 2 or the Saw movies. Ugh. Isn't this the time of year where AMC runs all the Halloween movies on a loop? Where are my Nightmare on Elm St.s? I DEMAND ARMY OF DARKNESS. SILVER BULLET! Come on, that's movie's awesome, the werewolf looks like a bear! Also, Gary Busey as his blowsiest.

But, on the scary plus side, I do get the Chiller channel. If you think they run quality horror movies, well, you'd be wrong. They don't run many good horror movies. For instance, this weekend, they are playing the miniseries remake of The Shining. I'm WATCHING it because nothing else is cooking, but it's not GOOD. That kid who plays Danny is a total mouth breather. But, the Chiller channel DOES play awesome horror television shows, like Profit and Kindred: The Embraced. I just watched Twin Peaks (It was the season one finale, ending with the mill fire and Agent Cooper getting shot. God, that show was great.) and the single most terrifying episode of a tv show ever, the second season finale of Millienium, "The Time Is Now." I watched that when it aired originally and it messed me up for DAYS. Anyone remember that show? It starred Lance Henriksen, registering about a Willem Dafoe on the Crag-O-Meter, playing Frank Black, a (sort of) psychic consultant for the police and a freaky fringe group. I loved that show. Heh, too bad no one else did!

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