Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Day Two of the Auntie Mame Move Around

Wherein no moving was done.

This is part a continuation of yesterday’s move around, and part update as to what was [not]done today.
If you read yesterday’s blog you know that Beau and I moved a lot of junk yesterday, and also fixed the upholstery on our dearly broken sofa and loveseat. Tonight (5/1/07) we were going to move our computer hutch, and take down a set of shelves (OK, more than a set, more like a small library – we’re nerds). On top of all that, Shaman is moving and Beau agreed to help him empty out his house and load it into the truck as long as Shaman agreed to help him move that dang piano on Sunday. Sounds good, right?
Queue to 2AM Tuesday morning. I am awoken by a scream that I think is from my dreams of Leland Chapman, but alas, it is my dear Beau screaming not in pleasure but in excruciating pain. He could not move his legs without a pain shooting up his torso and down his legs. I got him a heating pad and some Tylenol-3 (you know, the good stuff, with Codeine), but nothing worked. He was up all night.
In the morning, he called our chiropractor and set up an appointment and called Shaman backing out of the help with the move. God love our chiropractor because he reset Beau’s back and set him up for a massage (that’s right – a massage that insurance pays for!) and Beau could move again.
We both go and pick up Glow Bug from his daycare - a special treat we both love; there’s nothing like walking into his ‘class’ and having him drop whatever he’s doing and run to shower us both with kisses. For some reason my stomach is churning, perhaps because of the lack of sleep, perhaps because I’m stressed about letting Shaman down and hating my job, so Beau takes Glow Bug outside so I can take a nap. The nap is short lived because a migraine ensues.
I take the first step of my four-part migraine medicine, which makes my stomach churn even more. Then it happens: Glow Bug takes my hand, reaches for Beau’s and leads us both upstairs. He’s ready for bed. If I was in my right mind I would cry because he’s so adorable and starting to grow up so much. He gladly gets in his PJ’s sings along with the Veggie Tales lullaby CD and kisses us both goodnight. It’s seven in the evening and Beau and I both lay down now that Glow Bug is asleep.
Now it’s my turn to wake us up at 2AM. My head is throbbing because I fell asleep before I could take steps 2-4 of my migraine meds. I start to cry, and Beau being the great guy he is, went to get my big time meds. When he brings them to me, he realizes that he can walk – his back is better! I take the meds, and go back to sleep. In the morning, Beau is whistling that he is no longer in pain and is so excited that our chiro is the god that he is. I am, however, in the haze that is my meds and have the cold sweats (a side effect). Beau is excited about getting caught up in the move process, Glow Bug is toddling around playing with the cats, and I am wondering how much money is my ‘allowance’ account so I can get the extra large coffee at Starbucks.

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Lady Bea said...

Glowbug is adorable. ADORABLE! And the next time you are at Starbucks? Get a nonfat, peppermint mocha with whipped cream. Crack in a cup, I tell ya.