Friday, May 4, 2007

Day Three...argh...

Day Three - Wednesday
Wherein the plan changes dramatically.

If you suffer from migraines, then you know the suffering I have been going through this past week. That’s right: week. For whatever reason, the Furies have deemed that this week I will suffer through one long, blinding, migraine. How delightful that this is the week of the grand move to prepare for the piano, et al.

Tonight the plan is to “catch up” move our computer hutch, rearrange the playroom, and take down the rigged shelves in our nerdery to prepare for a guest bed and an actual shelving unit (not made of press-board and a prayer from Walmart).


Here is what we were planning to do:
Take apart the computer, dust the hutch, slide it across the room, set it back up, correcting and organizing the wires behind it.
Here’s what we did:
Unplug the two major power cords, slid the hutch across the room (full) and plugged it back in. We decided that since the new furniture would not affect the playroom too much it could wait to be cleaned and rearranged.
Here is what we were planning to do:
Take all our books off the shelves and box them up, label the ones we wanted to keep and load up the boxes of those we wanted to sell back to Ed McKay’s or donate to the cause. Then we were going to take apart our shelves and take the pieces to the curb for trash pick up. We were planning on taking down the shelves that we had screwed into the wall, patch up the holes, etc.
Here is what we did:
Dumped the books on the floor in barely recognizable piles, decide that we would wait to take apart the shelves until we got the new ones, the ones in the wall remained up and loaded (why take them down when they would just take up more floor space?).
Here is what I did immediately after halfassing this project:
Took some more intense medicine and passed out.


Bea's mom said...

After reading this I feel so close to you! Don't you agree that good intentions should count for something? If no one got hurt orwent to jail you should consider the entire activity a success.

Bea's mom

PS- please make my daughter use spell check!

Lady Bea said...

I'm sure I don't know what you mean by that. *blinks innocently and grammatically*