Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Christmas...the war has just begun...

It's official. I absolutely hate this season. Bea, you and I agree on almost everything, but I must speak out now. I hate this season starting officially today.
My birthday is the 24th of December. GlowBug's is the 26th of December. Add to that my sister's birthday on the 4th and her son's on the 10th of December and I am more stressed than the average bear. It gets worse gentle readers. I hate to be the complainer who is constantly whining, but for the past two years this month has blown big troll gonads.
Last year, with the exception of my son being born, December was a month of almost bankruptcy when my hubby lost his job, the hell of preparing for maternity leave as a teacher, and topped with prelabor almost everyday. This year, the month of December has meant almost bankruptcy (again) with my hubby changing jobs and me still paying off my maternity leave, my parents and my in-laws beginning what can only be described as the next War of the Roses over where GlowBug will be spending his first Christmas, my over-filled classes (thanks No Child Left Behind) getting into food fights rather than enjoying their small Christmas party, my boss pulling the traditional Christmas bonus of having the third of January off, and screaming fights with the aforementioned hubby about who will clean what in preparations for the Christmas trip to WV.
This Christmas, it's not about giving or receiving, it's about enduring. And I'm about through.


Lady Bea said...

Aw, girl. Remember, we're a team! And I always pack my "angry eyes." Here, have some wine. No, have some more! Cheap wine makes the holidays better. I think the Barefoot Contessa said that. Or was it Courtney Love? Whatever. Merry Christmas, xoxox.

Mamma Mia said...

Okay, so we loved it and now we hate it. I get that. Seriously. Someone stole my Christmas spirit this year and I hate everything.