Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mini Movie Review: Up

Go see Up. Go see it tomorrow or better yet, tonight. Find a small child or an elderly person and take them. It is a most excellent movie for children and the elderly. It is also a most excellent movie for people who have pulses. If you don't have a pulse, well, sorry about that.

Seriously, it is the best movie EVER. It made me laugh and cry. I cried 15 times, at least. I am a huge baby*. Up is the kind of movie that exhilarates you and reminds you of why movies are made in the first place**.

*Why do I cry at EVERYTHING lately? Is this something that happens when you turn 30?

**I want a talking dog. One who tells stupid jokes about squirrels. The talking dogs were my favorite. And I am not generally a talking animal kind of person. Up melted my cynical, hates-talking-animals-and-joy heart. It's just THAT good.


Sorsha Ni said...

Umm...I thought everyone wanted a talking dog? Duh! :>)

EGT said...

I am not yet 30 and still cry at everything, so I don't think that's the trigger.

Volstaag said...

I saw a talking dog once. OK, he didn't actually talk, it was more like mumbling under his breath. But you really got the idea he was just disgusted with everything.

Sorsha Ni said...

I know that dog. His sister lives down the road from me. She whistles for her master and he comes a running! Weird.