Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day Five

It's been five days since my soiree back to New Jersey, and I must say it's been enjoyable. Floppy (being 13 and related to me) has been bored during the down times, but we've had a lot of fun. Bea will eventually fill you all in about what happened last night, but besides that it's been routine and fun catching up with old friends. Rather than talking, Joan and I are watching the first season of the TV show Bones. I so love David Boreanaz and Joan is starting to as well. Talking about bugs and corpses is so much better than trying to carry on a conversation with her.
Tomorrow we're scheduled to go with mi padre to a family reunion of sorts (don't think BBQ with matching t-shirts, it's more like cucumber sandwiches and chips on shoulders). Joan is having her house sided so she won't be there, and Glowbug will be excited to see so many crazy old folks, but I'll be there as a driver who will have to remind most of my kin what my name is. We're so close.
On a side note, I miss Beau. I wake up spooning Joan's American Stratfordshire Terrier but it just isn't the same.
More later.

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