Wednesday, September 17, 2008

With the Quickness...or How I'm Pacifying Bea with an Incredibly Short Update

I've been absent for awhile, I know. Deal with it.* There isn't much going on in my life: we are adjusting to living with my in-laws, I have a new job (that I still love), and I don't have Comedy Central** Lord and Lady are re-educated Hippies*** so it has made for interesting political discussions around the dinner table. It's nice to have dinner made for me and to sit around a table with the entire family every night.
I've got a blog entry in the works discussing my thoughts regarding this here political hoopla going on, but it will have to wait. Gran has made brownies and I must partake.****

*apparently I've also been very cranky.
**hence the reason I've been so cranky.
***this means they are older with money and therefore Republicans
****OK, crankiness is gone now.

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"Lady" Bea said...

"The Quickness" is a euphemism for something dirty. ISN'T IT.